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he was a quite man

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Q: In the NFL what was gale sayers life like?
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When did Gale Sayers start playing football?

Gale Sayers played in his first NFL game on September 19, 1965.

What award did Gale Sayers win after his first season?

Following his first NFL season in 1965, Gale Sayers won the Rookie of the Year Award.

How many TDs did Gale Sayers have in his rookie season to set an NFL record at the time?


What football player born in Wichita in 1943 became an NFL Rookie of the Year?

Gale Sayers

What NFL hall of fame player never played in a playoff game?

gale sayers, Chicago bears, 1965-1971

Brian piccolo in who become roommates?

He came roommates with Gale Sayers in 1967. They were the first inter-racial pair in the NFL.

What NFL records were held by Mack Herron of the Patriots?

Mack Herron broke Gale Sayers 1966 NFL record for all-purpose yardage in 1974 (2,444)

Who scored the most td in one NFL game?

Three men are tied with 6 touchdowns - Ernie Nevers, Dub Jones, and Gale Sayers.

Where does Lynn chandnois rate in nfl records on kickoff return average?

Mr. Chandnois still ranks 2nd, the only player to pass him is the leader Gale Sayers. Sayers average is 30.56 Chandnois is 29.57. After 54years since he left the NFL and only Mr. Sayers has a better average. Thats not bad. Many people forget that Mr. Chandnois was also a top running back as well as a great receiver.

Who wore number 40 in NFL?

Ricky Watters for the San Francisco 49ers in the '90s

What player has the most touchdowns receiving in a single game?

Carlos Ruiz of the Melrose Buffaloes reached the end zone 12 times during the Buffaloes 100-50 victory of the Animas Panthers in 2004

Which Famous NFL players have worn number 40?

Gayle Sayers!