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the answer is bias

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Q: In bowls a bulge or weight inside one side of a bowl?
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What is a bias in lawn bowls?

The bias on lawn bowls is the side of the lawn bowl that is heavier. Different types of bowls will have stronger biases and depending on where the weight is in the bowl it might have a gradual lean or a strong hook turn.

Which sports compete in Holiday Bowls?

College football teams all over the country compete in various Holiday Bowls. Holiday Bowls include the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.

Where is the bowl in paws and claws pet school?

The bowl is the the pen where the smaller animals live. Do you know how inside the pen, there is another circle inside the fence? On the two corners of the circle that you can get to, there are the bowls that look like 2 white mats.

How many bsc bowl games are there?

There are 5. There is the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the BCS National Championship. There are a total of 35 bowls including the 5 BCS bowls.

How many cups are in a standard size soup bowl?

There are many 'bowls'. The average soup or cereal bowl is usually 8 ounces. Baking bowls are bigger.There are many 'bowls'. The average soup or cereal bowl is usually 8 ounces. Baking bowls are bigger.

Who are the original football bowls?

the sugar bowl, cotton bowl,orange bowl, rose bowl.

How heavy is a bowl?

The weight of a bowl can vary based on its size, material, and design. On average, a small ceramic bowl might weigh around 0.5-1 pound, while a larger glass or metal bowl could weigh 1-2 pounds. Plastic bowls are usually lighter in weight.


I would just keep him/her at 2 bowls or, if he/she is gaining weight and is not underweight, give him/her 1 1/2 bowls

What are the BCS bowls?

they are the rose bowl orange bowl sugar bowl fiesta bowl and the national championship game

What is the difference between dog bowls and cat bowls?

There is no major difference to the two physical items. Although seen from an engineer's perspective dog bowls should be more durable than cat bowls because of the difference in the two animals. Another difference could be the design on the bowls. Some companies print paws on, inside and/or under the bowl to make it more pleasing for the human who then in turn will believe it makes a difference for their animal how the bowl they eat out of look like.

The cat's bowl are on the floor is the apostrophe were it belongs?

The correct placement of the apostrophe in the sentence should be: "The cat's bowls are on the floor." The apostrophe indicates possession by showing that the bowls belong to the cat.

If a bowl holds 100 peanuts how many bowls would hold a million peanuts?

1,000,000 peanuts / 100 peanuts per bowl = 10,000 bowls