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If you are in the penalty box, you are playing hockey. Hockey is the only major U.S sport that does not have fouls. When a foul or fight occurs in hockey, you are subjected to the penalty box for a certain amount of time. If you are in a fight in hockey you are allowed to continue to fight until at least one player has hit the ice then it must stop, and once that is over with both players must go to the penalty box.

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Q: If your in a penalty box what sport are you playing?
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If you're in the penalty box what sport are you playing?


What sport has penalty box?

That would be hockey.

What sport involes a penalty box?

The penalty box or sin bin is the area in ice hockey, roller derby, rugby league, rugby union.

What sport inspired the name five for fighting?

Hockey did, It means when you fight, you get 5 minutes in the penalty box

In hockey what is the penalty box?

the penalty box is where the players go into it to serve a penalty

In some sport offending players are sent to the sin what?

In hockey the penalty box is often referred to as the sin bin.

Does the player in the penalty box get a minus if the other team scores on power play?

If a player is in the penalty box and some one scores you get to get out of the box. Example: I get a penalty and my team scores I get to get out. Or I'am in the penalty box and then the other team scores I get to get out.

Committing a violation would result in what for the other team?

That depends on which sport you are playing, what violation it is and where it occurs. The general word would be a 'penalty'.

How penalty time works?

What sport are you asking for? It depends on what sport you are talking about.

What is the spot inside the penalty box called?

The penalty spot or penalty mark.

What is a striking penalty in soccer?

A penalty in football is given when there is a . handball in the box, a player is brought down in the box .

What is a penalty box in ice hockey?

A box between benches that a player has to sit in for the duration of his penalty time

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