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Yes, any runner that runs in at least one race in the event (heat, quarterfinal, semifinal, final) qualifies for a medal.

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Q: If you run in the semi final of a relay track event but a substitute runs in the final do you still get a medal if that team places?
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What will be the event final medal award 2012 London?

The final event of the 2012 Olympics will be the Modern Pentathlon.

Is team olympic medals counted per event or medalist?

Per event. For example, if the ice hockey team wins the gold medal all players on the team get a gold medal but the country gets credit for only one gold medal in the final standings.

Who won the final gold medal for India in 2010 commonwealth games?

Saina Nehwag won India's final Gold Medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, when she won the Women's Singles in Badminton.At the 2012 London Olympics, she took home a Bronze Medal in the same event becoming the first Indian player to win a Badminton Olympic Medal.

What time is the gold medal game?

gold medal game for what event?

Which medal does a third-place competitor win in an olympic event?

Bronze Medal

What event did Peggy Fleming get a gold medal in?

Peggy Gail Flemming was the gold medal winner of the 1968 Olympic figure skating event.

Do team winnwers of gold medals get the same medal ad solo winner?

Medals have the event engraved on the rim or edge of the medal so each event medal is unique, but otherwise they are same

Which medal does a third-placed competitor win in an Olympic event?

How many gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

302 event winners were awarded a Gold Medal.

In the Olympics can the same country have more than one team for the same event?

Yes, there were two American women's beach volleyball teams in the gold medal final in London 2012

If you come in third in an event you will receive which medal?

What does the winner of each event receive?