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It is not positive or curvilinear

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Q: If you find that rates of behavioral disorder are lower among children who are more active in sports then you found what type of relationship?
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What is the relationship between active application and the task bar?

The relationship between active application and the task bar is that all the active applications are shown on the taskbar.

What is the best scenario fos custody of children after a divorce?

The best scenario is to have two parents that maintain an active interest in the children. Children need contact with their parents, it's unfair to them to be put in the middle of an adult relationship that is strained.

Why has tartrazine been taken out of most foods?

because it is a food colouring and it makes children hyperactive/increase ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and allergies and other medical reason perhaps

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active and passive

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Active transport works to maintain homeostasis.

What is the advantage of cognitive behavioral therapy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a collaborative, action-oriented therapy effort. As such, it empowers the patient by giving him an active role in the therapy process and discourages any overdependence on the therapist

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An active application is shown in the task bar.

How do you prevent binge eating disorder?

That is very difficult to do. One of the only ways to really counter such problems that come along with "disordered" eating habits is to cotinually eat right, live an active and healthy lifestyle, and to maintain a good relationship with food.

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Hyperactive means more active than normal. Here are some sentences.I swear that dog must be hyperactive!Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can be treated with medication.Hyperactive children can't sit still.

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If you are in dynamic relationship (let's say with a girl/boy), then you are in a relationship that is changing. It will be an active relationship in which the two people change as well as the relationship, hopefully in a good and progressive way.

How is sport good for?

so children can be active

Teens And Children Who Are Not Active Need To Eat More Than Those Who Are Very Active?