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Q: If Tina swims 4 miles upstream at 1 mph and back downstream to the same point to the same point at 4 mph what is her average speed?
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If Tina swims 4 miles upstream at 1 mph and back downstream to the same point at 4 miles per hour what is her average speed?

2 Miles An Hour.

Do contour lines point upstream or downstream?


If Tina swims 4 miles upstream at 1 mph and back downstream to the same point at 4 mph what is her average speed?

Her average speed is 1.6 miles per hour. Average speed is total distance covered by total time taken to do it. She swims 4 miles upstream, and at 1 mph, it takes 4 hours. She comes back downstream at 4 mph and so she covers the 4 miles in 1 hour. Her total mileage is 8 miles. It takes 4 + 1 hours or 5 hours to cover it. The 8 miles divided by 5 hours is 1 3/5 miles per hour, or 1.6 mph for an average speed.

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What is Meaning of upstream and downstream partners?

Supply chains are the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and transportation modes that move products and services from the source of components and raw materials to the customer. Product flowing from the source toward the customer is flowing downstream. Activities that are performed previous to a specific point on the supply chain are upstream activities. (source:

Can earth fault current go up passing through the downstream panel and directly cause a trip at the upstream panel which have higher set point of earth fault protection?

If the fault is a direct short to ground, the fault current can be high enough to trip the upstream protection.

Why does the Nile flows upstream?

It does not. Actually it does. I'm in 6th grade and learning about that.The Nile flows upstream because of gravity. The majority of the Nile runs south to north because of gravity. However, there are also parts of the river that run north to south, ex. about 200 miles in Sudan. At no point, however, can the river run upstream. Upstream by definition is opposite the flow of the river (Merriam-Webster).

What was a turning point in the Battle of Vicksburg?

When Grant was able to get his army across to the East bank of the Mississippi a few miles downstream from Vicksburg without the garrison commander noticing.

How do you ferry a current?

In order to ferry a current you need to point your boat an an angle across the river and pointing upstream. The stronger the current the more you will have to point upstream. You simply paddle at this angle until you reach the other side. It also can help if you lift your upstream knee slightly so that the water doesn't catch your upstream edge.

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The average flight distance is 508 miles. The average driving distance is 785 miles. Both distances depend on the point of origin and the destination.

Can you wire two oxygen sensors to the same wires to get rid of my check engine light?

NO, you cannot do this, this will compound your problem and eventually damage the engine and/or catalytic converter to the point that they/it must be replaced, all three failures are very expensive repairs. The faulty O2 sensor must be identified and replaced. There are 4 set-ups: Single sensor; Dual "upstream" <both sensors are pre-cat>; Dual upstream/downstream <one sensor is pre-cat, one sensor is post-cat> and Quad sensor <two sensors are pre-cat, two sensors are post-cat>. The upstream controls the fuel mixture and the downstream monitors the catalytic converter. BANK 1 is always the number 1 spark plug side and SENSOR 1 is always upstream. Once the fault is corrected the ECM must be cleared with a scanner to shut off the light.

How many oxygen sensors are on a 2000 grand prix se 3800?

There are 2 oxygen sensors. 1 sensor located right behind the engine (which is known as the upstream sensor) and one behind the catalytic converter (known as the downstream sensor). It is located at about the middle point of the vehicle on the top of the pipe. You will need an O2 sensor socket to remove the upstream sensor, and you will need an O2 sensor wrench with a pivoting handle to remove the downstrean sensor.