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women wasnt allowed to be in the first modern Olympics.

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Q: Hoy many women competitors in the first modern Olympics?
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Did women compete in the first modern Olympics?

no women did not compete in the modern olympics

What year was the first year women were allowed to be in the Olympics?

Women were first allowed to compete in the Olympics in 1900. The Olympic games took place in Paris, France that year, and there were 22 women competitors.

Did women compete in the first modern Olympics games?


Female competitors in the 1896 Olympics?

There were no female competitors at the 1896 Games in Athens. The first Games that women competed in was the 1900 Games in Paris.

Could women take place in the first modern Olympics?


When was the first modern olympic games opened to woman?

The 1900 Olympics were the first modern Olympic Games to be open to women.

How many competitors are in the olympics?

302 events with 10,768 competitors (5,992 men, 4,776 women) from 204 nations in 2012.

When were women allowed to compete in the Olympics?

the second modern olympics

How many women competitors competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Around 2000 Women Competitors Competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics!! For more information text your question to: 118118 texts cost 50p ->price ay have changed!!

Do women take part in the modern Olympics?

Can't quite understand how you'd manage not to notice. But yes, women do participate in the modern olympics.

How many men and how many women athletes were in the first Olympics?

There were no women in the first Olympics.

Who was the first female Olympian?

I don't know that history has recorded the first woman to compete in the Olympics. History has recorded that the first woman to win a gold medal was Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain who won gold in ladies singles tennis in the 1900 Olympics in Paris. The 1900 Olympics were the second Olympics of the modern era and the first that women were allowed to compete in. Women were not allowed to compete in the first modern Olympics held in Greece in 1896.

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