How old is bullfighting?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It usually takes several years to become a full matador, depending on the talent and amount of training the person can afford. After an initial introduction the person becomes becerrista - one who fights younger bulls, up to three years of age. Once the candidate has progressed sufficiently, he may become a novillero or apprentice bullfighter. A novillero is a professional but has not yet taken the alternativa, or graduation ceremony. When a candidate has progressed to the point that he can compete with other full matadors, he will then go through the alternativa during which his sponsoring matador will present him with a muletaand estoque (cape and sword) during a bullfight.

A becerrista might be likened to a person with college bachelor degree, a novillero a masters degree and a matador a doctors degree.

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Daniel Hanan is the oldest matador at 65 years old

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no one knows

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Q: How old is bullfighting?
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