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In most areas it is 16, but up north it is about 12,14-15.

You need to be at LEAST 13. You can not be 12, because 12 year olds can still play LL Majors division. As someone who has been involved with LL International for 20 years I can tell you that if LL finds a league using 12 year old umpires you could be in violation of your charter.

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you have to be 13 and go to an umpire camp.

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Yes and No

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Q: How old do you have to be to umpire little league baseball?
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How old do you have to be to umpire little league baseball in Michigan?

12 unless your local league has their own age

How old do you have to be to be a little league umpire umpire?

you have to be 13 and go to an umpire camp.

How old are little league baseball players?

8 to 13

Can a 13-year-old be an umpire for a kid's baseball team?

Depending on who runs the league and hires the umps. 14 and up are the most common ages to be selected.

How old do you have to be to start umpiring?

You can start umpiring at age 16 in most recreation league sports. It usually depends on the sport. For softball, it depends on which league you want to umpire in and where.

How much do umpires for the little league World Series salaries?

A little league umpire can make anywhere from $30 for 9-10 year olds, to $80 for 14-15 year olds, in New York. That's pretty much the range I've heard for NY, NJ, CT, and PA. In California I make around 15-25 dollars a game. In Texas I make $35 for 9-10 year old. The pay generally increases by $5 per age level. In Illinois I make $20 a game but I am also 14. Furthermore my pay goes up $5 a year. If you are a true Little league Umpire you take no compensation for your service. Little League is a volunteer supported organization including umpires. If you ever plan on doing any Little League sanctioned post season games. (Regional or World Series) and have taken monies for umpiring you will be excluded.

Is 320 a good batting average for an 11yr old for 128 at bats in little league baseball?

It's good, but not great.

How far is the pitchers mound away from home plate in teener league baseball?

9 to 12 years old little league regulation is 46 feet mound to plate

How old to be a little league referee?


How old is the Major League Baseball?

Major League Baseball is 141 years-old as of December 30, 2010.

How far apart are the bases in Little League?

newtest3 about 40 feet ---------- The above is incorrect. In Little League Baseball the bases are 60 feet apart until you get to the Junior Division (13 and 14-year-old).

Distance from home plate to first base on a baseball field for 9 10 year old baseball?

For Little League (7 - 12 year olds), the distance is 60 feet.