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You should actually add around five pounds every two-to-three weeks this lets your body get use to the weight on your chest

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Q: How much weight do you ad each week to benching?
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If someone eats 500 extra calories each day for a week how much weight will he or she have gained at the end of a week?

One pound.

If you do 31 sit ups each night in 1 week how much weight will you lose?

Not much, but you will have increased your stomach muscles. Exercise does contribute to weight loss, but it also depends on what and how much is eaten, too.

How much weight can you put on in a week?

It depends on how much you eat. I put on 2 kilos this week

How much weight can I reasonably expect to lose in a week?

Physicians recommend weight loss of one to two pounds each week. Any more than that is not the loss of excess fat, but the loss of muscle mass and water, which is not healthy and does not constitute real, lasting weight loss.

How much weight can I loss I'n a week is I stop eating sugar?

not much, but it will help you from gaining weight.

Jill goes to the gym each week Every week she lifts 9 pounds more than before During the ninth week she lifts 250 pounds How much weight did she lift the first week?

Jill lifted 178 pounds during the first week.

How much weight should you lose weight in a week?

Depends on how much you weigh but 1 pound or more is great

How can you lift 5lbs more each week?

more weight less reps more weight less reps

How much does Wayne Rooney get paid each week?

£200,000 a week!

How much weight can you lose in a week by just eating soup?

You can loose some pounds, but after that week. What would you do then?

How much will weight watcher classes be a week?

That depends on the individual programs.

How much weight is healthy to lose a week?

3-2 pounds