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a couple gallons

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Q: How much spray paint do you need to paint a football field?
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How much would a football field cost including the stands spray paint goal posts and the grass?

It would cost around 1 million dollars. Most turf field cost $900,000 by themselves.

What do paint sprayers do?

Much like the name implies, paint sprayers spray. Usually they spray paint.

How much would it cost to pay a contractor to paint a football field?

400,000 dollars

How much paint to spray paint 1000 square feet?

Too many variables. -Depends on surface you are spraying onto, type of spray equipment you are using, what paint you use to spray, how much you thin it to spray, etc, etc

How much does it cost to get your car spray paint?

about 20£

What happens if you inhale to much spray paint?

You die.

How many cans of spray paint would be in a quart of paint?

Spray cans are filled by weight and not volume and it would depend on the size of the spray can, but it should take about four to five 12 oz net weight cans of spray paint to equal approx a quart of paint. How much makes it on the project and how much ends up as over spray depends on the painter.

Is it OK to spray paint outside when its cold?

yes but it might not be the best paint job. It's best to spray paint when it's over 50 outside but spray painting when it's cold will do much harm

How do you spray paint a Chandelier?

instead of buying a new chandelier that I like so much I would to just spray paint the brass part of it.

How much paint to spray a car?

12 cm^3

How do you paint fiberglass?

Most people choose to paint fiberglass with a sprayer. The paint is sprayed in much the same way that spray paint is.

How much paint is in a sixteen oz can of spray paint?

read the label where is says "16 OZ"

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