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At international level for crew boats the limits are: Men: Crew average 70 kg (154 lb) - no rower over 72.5 kg (159 lb) Women: Crew average 57 kg (125 lb) - no one over 59 kg (130 lb) In the U.S. Collegiate category, the following limits apply: Freshman Men: Crew average 155 lb - no rower over 160 lb. (Starting in Spring 2007) Varsity Men: Crew average 155 lb - no rower over 160 lb. Varsity Women: No rower over 130 lb.

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There are 2 rowing categories; heavyweight and lightweight.

Heavyweight is effectively open and there are no limits on the maximum or minimum mass of an individual. The mass of rowers varies massively from around 80kg to 110kg. Most rowers on national teams, or in the Oxbridge boat race will be 90-100kg. However there are many successful athletes that do not fall into this range.

Lightweight rowers have a maximum weight limit. For males this is 72.5kg for an individual and the average mass of the crew must be below 70kg. Single scullers may have a maximum mass of 72.5kg.

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Q: How much should you weigh to row crew?
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