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$175 to $225

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Q: How much should you pay for a Norinco model 77b pistol?
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How much is a norinco 7.62mmX25 pistol worth in excellent condition?

It is worth anywhere from $75 - $125. It depends if it is all origanal you can find that out by looking at the serial numbers on the parts and seeing if they are all the same

How much is a Marksman air pistol model MP worth?

To get an answer you will have to state the condition of the pistol & is it still working?

How much is red jacket pistol worth?

Must know exact model to answer.

How much is a model CA32SW Cobra pistol worth?

20-100 usd

Who has a Rossi 22 pistol model 25 and how much are they worth?

@ 50 USD

How much is a Remington model six pistol worth?

There is no Remington Model 6 pistol, there has been however cases however of Remington Model 6 rifles converted to pistols by gun or "home" smiths. NOT Remington. As such the value is whatever someone will pay, but generally not much.

How much is a 25 caliber raven model pistol worth?

25-50 USD

How much is a H and R Model 922 pistol worth?

25-100 dollars

How much is a Davis industries model dm 22 cal pistol worth?


How much is a model 90 22 cal pistol wourth?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it.

How much is a model 88 pistol worth?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description to include who made it.

How much is a Davis industries model dm-22 cal. pistol worth?