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It is hard to estimate an exact number.

In the UK alone it is estimated that £750million will be bet on the 2010 World Cup. Remember that is one sporting event and one country so that total amount will be in the 100's of billions.

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I'm not sure if you're looking for global data or for more specific data. Anyway, these are a few numbers regarding the US market in 2015

  • 85% of American adults have gambled at least once in their lifetime
  • 65% at least once in past year
  • 30% at least once in past month
  • 15% at least once in past week
  • Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling among youth 14 - 22. Nearly a quarter of males bet on sports in an average month
  • According to an ESPN survey, about 118 million Americans gambled on sports in some manner in 2008
  • About 67% of all college students bet on sports.
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8 million at least

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Q: How much money is wagered in sports betting worldwide daily?
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