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Q: How much money did Merton borrow from Jake and how much was he able to repay?
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In the book my father sun sun johnson how much money did merton borrow from jake?


Why did c everard palmer named chapter one the blow?

C. Everard Palmer named chapter one "The Blow" to signify a pivotal event or turning point in the story. This title suggests that something significant will happen in this chapter that will impact the rest of the narrative.

Similarities of merton and Jake in father sun sun Johnson?

Similarities of Jake and merton

What is the setting of your father sun sun Johnson?

It Is about a man named Merton or "Sun- Sun Johnson" who was the big man in town but then he owed a friend some money.......he couldn't pay Jake all the money he owed him so Jake took all Jake's property and Merton Had to move from Robin Hill to River Bottom........

What are the simile s used in your father sun sun Johnson?

my father sun sun johnson is about rami and his father merton, starting their new life together after ma gets remarried to jake who takes father property.

Why did Jake visit merton at robin hill?

because they did buisness together

Who are the main characters in my father sun sun Johnson and what do they do?

The main characters in "My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson" are Sun-Sun Johnson, Rami, and Jake Hibbert. Sun-Sun Johnson is a wealthy man who forsakes his family for a life of luxury. Rami is Sun-Sun's wife who struggles to keep their family together. Jake Hibbert is a poor fisherman who helps Rami when she is in need.

Discuss the social, economic and political impact on the Loyalist to The Bahamas?

what is the similarities of jake hibbertson and merton johson

What did Merton do to be a hero in the book my father sun sun Johnson?

Merton displayed heroism in the book "My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson" by standing up to his father, Sun-Sun Johnson, and refusing to join his illegal activities. He chose to do what was right, even when faced with pressure and potential consequences. His strong moral character and courage make him a hero in the story.

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