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Gennie Ruth Cheatham the black country singer sings country gospel and plays about 25 instruments. She showcases many of her solos vocally and then plays on the fiddle, keyboard, etc. . She performs at conferences for televangelists and also comes on WMTY online streaming. People view her on every internet on the planet. She performs worldwide live at all kinds of festivals, churches, rodeos, and anywhere that she is booked that gives her the right away to do good christian Country Music/country gospel/bluegrass gospel. She has a super, super family act. She is first class. She is also an educator, ,has her own school of music and lectures in Health and Faith for agencies, day care centers, schools, colleges and universities, and companies to help them understand the need for excellent health care. Her focus is Pediatric Health and Faith. In 2005 she was granted permission to operate as an approved workshop provider by the TN. Department of Human Services. She sponsors workshops on cognitive studies, child development, early childhood education, Faith and Health, music, etc. Gennie Ruth has a doctoal degree in Early Childhood (1989) and has several other earned degrees. At her independently owned and operated music school which is an education foundation and ministry, she provides opportunities for underprivileged children. Her charity work is also with children and adolescents worldwide and locally at places like Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court. She is an Auxiliary Division Chief (Officer of the Court). Dr. Cheatham is a philanthropist. She is an activist for social justice and is the niece of L.C. and Daisy Bates of Little Rock, Arkansas. The Bates were mentors for the Little Rock Nine in 1957. Gennie Ruth teaches school and supports Arts in the School as a general music teacher/choir director.

Estimated Worth: $20 Million

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Q: How much is the country singer Gennie Ruth Cheatham worth?
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