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They can cost up to $800. The cheapest is about $180...

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Q: How much does a drogue chute cost?
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What does the first little parachute to open do?

It is called a drogue chute and it stabilizes the jumper and pulls the main parachute out of the container or pack.

Which parachute company has the highest safety rating?

Red Bull Stratos have the highest safety rating of parachutes. One feature deploys the main chute and cuts away drogue at the same time.

How much would a World War 2 unopened German parachute worth?

Need to know more information - is it a parachute packed for a paratrooper, a pilot's survival chute, a cargo chute, an emergency seat chute, or ???? But basic answer is - a pilot's chute or a paratrooper's chute would definitely be worth plenty! Cargo chutes are generally of much less collector interest.

La cocaïne est-elle une drogue dure ou douce?

Elle est une drogue dure.

What actors and actresses appeared in La drogue fatale - 1924?

The cast of La drogue fatale - 1924 includes: Claudia Delys

Can you give a sentence with the words shoot and chute?

When you went down the water chute, I didn't expect you to shoot out the bottom so quickly.When you shoot a bazooka, just make sure the chute is facing the right way!Paratroopers remember, you can shoot your gun whilst freefalling, but it gets much easier after you open your chute.

Who plays Drogue in Game of Thrones?

every byde

What are the release dates for La drogue maudite - 1913?

La drogue maudite - 1913 was released on: France: 10 October 1913 USA: 25 December 1913

Did you hear about the outlaws who went skydiving?

They had a chute out!

What is another name for a small parachute?


What effects a parachute from falling faster?

* The downward facing area of the chute * The density of the air * The mass being lowered by the chute * The integrity of the chute * The motion of the air around the chute

When was C-Chute created?

C-Chute was created in 1951.