How much does Robinho earn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Robinho earns roughly 150,000 a week

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Q: How much does Robinho earn?
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Does robinho earn 160k us or 160k?

How much did robinho cost for man city?


How much is robinho salary pay week?

160k a week!

What club does Robinho?

Robinho now plays for A.c.Milan.

How much does robinho cost in football?

He's worth a lot right now. Arjen Robben < Robinho < Lionel Messi With his consistancy, it will keep increasing. Not For Sale.

Who is better robinho or nani?

robinho is definetly better he controlls his left side of the wing very well, rarely turns over the ball, to me nani is not in the same category as robinho, he turnover he ball to give out costly wins and also tries to do to much on his own, so therefore robinho would be the smarter and obvious choice

How much is Robinho earning a week at Manchester city?

£160 000

When was Robinho born?

Robinho was born on January 25, 1984.

What is Robinho's birthday?

Robinho was born on January 25, 1984.

What is robinho's sons name?

nama panjang anak kandung robinho

What is robinho's real name?

Robson De Souza Santos(robinho)

Has robinho scored against Barcelona?

No, Robinho has not scored against Barcelona.