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Olympic athletes are not paid to participate, or receive monetary rewards for medals awarded.

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Q: How much do American athletes make per medal in the Olympics?
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How many medals did the ivory coast win in the 2012 olympics?

They did not win any medals with there 10 athletes who competed in 6 sports. Murielle Ahouré did make both the 100 m & 200 m finals and had there best attempt at a medal

Why has Russia's Olympic medal count gone down in the last couple Olympics?

In the past Russia has always seemed to dominate the Olympics, until this year when they came out with only 3 gold medals. The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev shockingly said that "if those responsible for preparing the athletes don't resign he will make them". Why do you think, since Russia has moved towards a capitalist country has their Olympic medal count gone down?

In the Olympics second place medal?

I think you win a silver medal. I'm not positive but i am 99.99% sure. I'll improve it and make the final decision when i get the answer. :)

What hopes did Hitler have for the Olympics that year and what happen?

Before WWII, NAZI Germany under Hitler (since 1933) hoped that the 1936 Olympic games would show the natural superiority of white, northern-European athletes. The Ayran race was supposed to make Hitler proud. But Germany did not do as well as they wanted. In the running events, black American runner Jesse Owens beat the white athletes and got a Gold medal. I'm not sure if other people of other so-called "inferior" races outperformed German or Ayrian athletes too.

Why did the ICC take away the amateur only rule in the Olympics?

Because the marquis athletes make for better TV ratings

How much money do the winners in the Olympics get?

The medal winners do not officially get a monetary reward from the Olympic committees. The award depends on the country's Olympic committee and the country's generosity. For example, one country may award a gold medalist with $10,000 whereas another country may award a gold medal with $50,000. Most athletes make their money through endorsement deals and sponsors.

What did the Nazis do in the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

1936, but it was not the Nazi propaganda coup that Hitler had envisioned. The German zeppelin Hindenburg with the Olympics logo on its side was scheduled to fly over, but its appearance was prevented by technical difficulties. To make it worse, black American runner Jesse Owens left Hitler's Aryan supermen in the dust, and Hitler showed bad form by refusing to give Owens his gold medal.

Do Olympics athletes get paid?

Neither the International nor the U.S. Olympic Committees pay the athletes for competing. Only gold, silver, and bronze medal winners get paid by the USOC (US Olympic Committee). Gold gets $25,000; Silver, $15,000; and Bronze, $10,000. But the real money that athletes make comes from lucrative marketing deals. U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps, for instance, received an estimated $5 million for plugging companies like Omega, PowerBar, Visa and Speedo.

How much money does the us swim team get paid for winning the gold medal?

Nothing; most Olympic athletes make money from endorsement deals and other ways of trading on their fame such as book deals, television commentary, interviews, etc. Many, particularly in less popular sports have regular jobs, or are supported by their families.

What is the international olympic committees job?

The responsibility of the International Olympic Committee is to assign the location where the Olympics will be held. They also make sure that all rules are followed as to age and fitness of the athletes. In some ways they are also responsible for the safety of the athletes.

Will women's boxing make its Olympic debut at the 2012 Olympics?

Yes the have already decided the Bronze Medal events today August 9, 2012.

Why there is 4 years gap in Olympics?

To make the Competetion a challenge. If the competetion is every year, then it would not be symbolicly special. Also, Athletes need time to train for the games.