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The answer is: It depends. It depends on where you want to sit. For the 2011 season, Padres tickets are being sold in several different pricing tiers. We won't even discuss the super gucci seats on field level behind home plate. They cost around $26000.00 for the season and $20000.00 for the ownership rights. For the everyman, you can buy 82 game full season pass in the Field Box VIP area for 3442.50. Prices decrease from there. The cheapest season ticket is the upper reserved which costs 648.00. Hope this helped.

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While prices will always vary according to the various seasons, spring or fall, tickets can range from near a low of $15.00 each to costing over a $100.00 each. Pricing specifics vary according to the type of seating and setting such bleachers, box, or VIP seats.

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According to an article on, the San Diego Padres were valued at $367 million as of April, 2007.

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Q: How much are padres season tickets?
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