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He throw 4000 yards in a season.

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Q: How many yards did Kerry Collins throw in a season?
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Who was the last Giants quarterback to throw for 4000 yards in a season?

Kerry Collins

How many passing yards did Ben Roethlisberger throw in the first game of the 2007 season?

161 yards

Who was the eagles first quarterback to throw over 3600 yards in a season?

Sonny Jurgensen with 3,723 passing yards in 1961.

Who is the only Bengals QB to throw for over 4000 yards in a single season?

Carson palmer

How far can donovan mcnabb throw a football?

recorded on the off season he threw 110 yards

In how many games did Matt Hasselback throw for 300 yards or more in the 2006 regular season?

Neither Matt Hasselback nor Seneca Wallace had a game of 300 yards or more in the 2006 season.

How many yards did Terry Bradshaw throw for in Super Bowl X?

In Super Bowl X following the 1975 season, Bradshaw threw for 209 yards.

How many yards did Tom Brady throw for in week 1 vs the dolphins?

517 yards. Week 1 2011 Season vs Miami Dolphins.

Who is the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans?

Erik Ainge was the starter until being injured in the 9th game of the season against Notre Dame and replaced by Rick Clausen. Brent Schaeffer also played QB for the 2004 Vols. Ainge completed 109 of 198 passes for 1452 yards, 17 TDs, and 9 INTs. Clausen completed 81 of 136 passes for 949 yards, 8 TDs, and 5 INTs. Schaeffer completed 18 of 37 passes for 302 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT.

How many yards did Tim Tebow throw for against WKY in the 2007 season?

Florida's Tebow throws for 300 yards, 3 TDs in debut as starter on September 1, 2007

How far can Kyle Boller throw a football?

he could throw it 65 yards from 1 knee coming out. id imagine anywhere from 65-85 yards.

What is the distance you can throw a football on a standard football field?

Well, many quarterbacks can throw 60 yards, the farthest recorded throw, was 45646 yards by Donald Trump's hair.