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Carmelo Anthony has 1 triple double

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Q: How many triple doubles does carmelo Anthony have?
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How many children does Carmelo Anthony have?

Carmelo Anthony has a son name Kiyan Carmelo Anthony with La La. Kiyan was born on March 7th, 2007.

How many game winning shots has carmelo Anthony made?

Carmelo Anthony has 14 if not MORE.

How many awards has Carmelo Anthony won?


How many years carmelo Anthony played in college?


Who are inspired carmelo Anthony?

Many people including myself.

How many nba buzzer beaters does carmelo Anthony have?


Who inspired Carmelo Anthony?

Many people including myself.

How many rings does carmelo Anthony?

None he almost got one when he played for the nuggets

How many triple doubles did Magic Johnson have in college?

He had 138 triple-doubles

How many rings does Carmelo Anthony have?

One million... None of them representing anything nba related

Who can dunk better Andre Iguodala or Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Whoever wrote this with exclamation points has never seen these two guys play. Iguodala has many more dunks every year, more variations and style.)

How many triple doubles has Paul Pierce had?

paul pierce has had 6 triple doubles up to the 2011 season