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Kellen Moore has at least one sibling: a younger brother named Kirby. Kirby plays for Boise State alongside him as a wide receiver.

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Q: How many siblings does kellen Moore have?
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When was Kellen Moore born?

Kellen Moore was born on 1989-07-12.

What position does Kellen Moore play?

Kellen Moore plays Quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

What is Kellen Moore's number on the Detroit Lions?

Kellen Moore is number 17 on the Detroit Lions.

How old is Kellen Moore?

Kellen Moore is 27 years old (born July 12, 1989).

What college did NFL player Kellen Moore play for?

NFL player Kellen Moore played for Boise State.

How much does NFL player Kellen Moore weigh?

NFL player Kellen Moore weighs 197 pounds.

How much money does Kellen Moore make a year?


Who is the all-time pass efficiency leader in college football history?

kellen Moore boise state 2009

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Which college Division 1A Quarterback has the most wins as a starter?

Kellen Moore (Boise State), 46 wins from 2008-Present.

Who were the starting quarterbacks for Boise State in its history?

Right now: Kellen Moore. Before him, Jared Zabransky. Before that, Ryan Dinwiddie. Before that, I have no idea,

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