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all of them when they draft they look at how they did in college

Edit: Not true. Many athletes are recruited with little or no education, some from foreign countries with no college. A 2009 Wall Street Journal article indicated only 24 players and managers in the entire league with degrees. NFL fares better as it tends to recruit from college. However, exceptions are always made for talented players.

Real data is difficult to come by as the NCAA does its best to skew the statistics to portray athletes as good scholars. They don't even count athletes who leave college for the draft in their graduation statistics. Try to find out how many college athletes who leave early for the draft ultimately graduate with a degree. As information it's unobtainium.

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alot man like almost all of them, they probabally wouldn't be able to scout you if you didint play in colledge or even attend

Edit: Completely false. According to a Wall Street Journal article in 2009 only 26 players and managers in the entire MLB had degrees. The percentage for the NFL is around 48% (the NFL has a higher recruitment age and tends to recruit from college). The NBA is pretty abysmal as well. Of particular interest is that of the college athletes who leave college early for the draft, less than 20% stay in the NFL for over four years. A recent New York Times puff piece on NBA academics indicated that less than 10% of NBA players even go back to college. They don't mention how many actually graduate.

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not many

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Q: How many pro athletes went to college first before becoming professional?
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