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The answer is 5!

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Q: How many lucky dates will there be in the year 2018?
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What year will 2007 dates fall on same day of the week?

In the year 2018 all dates fall on same day of week as they did in 2007.

What are the release dates for Seth the Creepy 14 Year Old - 2018 SUSPENDED?

The cast of Seth the Creepy 14 Year Old - 2018 includes: Roger Acraman as Mysterious guy Victor Bornstein as Victor Cody Carls as Codsta Seth Cullom as Seth Jackson Lamm as Jackson

Will 2018 have the same layout of days and dates as 1996?

No. 1996 was a leap year, but 2018 will not be, so they will have different layouts, although they will both start on the same day, which is a Monday.

When would the next year of the dog occur?

The next Year of the Dog will occur in 2018.

What year was I born if I will be 72 in the year 2018?

Someone celebrating their 72nd birthday in 2018, was born in 1946.

What is a 50 year old woman called who dates younger men?

a cougar or lucky

If I am 10 what year was i born?

Subtract 10 from 2018. 2018 - 10 =

What year had Thursday March 1?

It is this year - Thursday 1st March 2018

How many weekdays in 2018?

2018 starts on a Monday and is not a leap year, so, including holidays, the number of weekdays is...52 x 5 + 1 = 261

What year is 2018 in Chinese calendar?

Up to the 15th of February, it is still the year of the Rooster. On the 16th of February 2018, the 4715th Chinese year, the year of the Dog, begins.

When can you use a 2001 calendar again?

2001 was a common year starting on a Monday. The current year, 2018, is the same. After 2018, the next time the 2001 calendar can be reused is in 2029.

What year will the Undertaker be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

This year 2018