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He has 1 child

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Q: How many kids does javagal srinath have?
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What is Javagal Srinath's birthday?

Javagal Srinath was born on August 31, 1969.

How old is Javagal Srinath?

Javagal Srinath is 42 years old (birthdate: August 31, 1969).

Did javagal srinath play the 2003 cricket world cup?

yes, javagal srinath play 2003 world cup. This is his last world cup.

Fastest ball balled by javagal srinath?

Javagal srinath bowled at the pace of 156 km/hr against South Africa during 1996 tour

Which county did speedster Javagal Srinath play for in 1995?


Which country did speedster Javagal Srinath play for in 1995?


Which education qualification is common to the indian cricketer anil kumble EAS prasanna K srinath and javagal srinath?

engineering degree

How do you contact javagal srinath?

WikiAnswers does not give out this level of personal detail about anyone, sorry.

Which Indian took most wickets in all world cup match?

JAVAGAL srinath

Which player get more wickets in cricket world cup?

I think Javagal srinath 44 wickets in 34 matches.

Which Indian cricketer has scored the most duck?

· Ajit Agarkar · K Srikkanth · Sachin Tendulkar · Javagal Srinath

Who is India's leading wicket taker in all world cups?

Zaheer khan along with Javagal srinath hold the record for the most wickets in world cups. They both have caused 44 dismissals.