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Dustin Pari is married and has three kids.

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Q: How many kids does Dustin Pari have?
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What are the names of Dustin pari's three kids?

hey how are you

What nicknames does Dustin Pari go by?

Dustin Pari goes by The Paranormal Rockstar.

When was Dustin Pari born?

Dustin Pari was born in July 1977, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Does Dustin pari have a wife?

It is not known how old Dustin Pari's wife is. Dustin is most known for appearing on Ghost Hunters International.

How many kids does Dustin Hoffman have?

Dustin Hoffman has 6 children

Did Dustin pari leave ghi?

no but he is not going to be in the new season airing on July 14 .

Does Dustin Johnson have kids?

Yes, Dustin Johnson has 2 kids.

Does Dustin Hoffman have kids?

Yes, Dustin Hoffman has 6 kids.

Does Dustin Johnson have children?

Yes, Dustin Johnson has 2 kids.

Has Dustin Hoffman got kids?


Does Dustin pari have a 17 year old child?

Yes as stated on the 2008 Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Edition at Fort Delaware. He is 31 years old. Born in July of 1977.

How many children does Dustin Johnson have?

Dustin Johnson has 2 children