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Q: How many interception did charlie jarvis have for unlv?
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Who won the 1990 championship Duke vs UNLV?


High school requirements for unlv?

high school requirments for unlv

When was UNLV Graduate College created?

UNLV Graduate College was created in 1964.

Who will win UNLV or Kent State?

I have to say UNLV. Adams, Terry, and Darger are dangerous.

What was the score of the 1990 unlv vs Arkansas basketball game?

112-105 UNLV

What does UNLV stand for?

University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

When was UNLV Athletics Hall of Fame created?

UNLV Athletics Hall of Fame was created in 1987.

What seed was UNLV when they won?

UNLV was a #1 seed when they won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1990.

What was the final score in the 1990 semi-final game between unlv and duke?

UNLV and Duke played in the finals of the 1990 championship with UNLV winning 103-73. UNLV and Duke played in the semi-finals the following season, 1991, with Duke winning 79-77.

How many Nevada-las Vegas players have been drafted by the nba?

There have been 36 players in the ABA and NBA who attended UNLV. Click on the 'UNLV Pro Basketball Players' link below to see a list of them.

What is unlv mascot?

elephant This answer is incorrect. The correct answer is actually a "Rebel" Thus, giving UNLV their nickname of "The Rebels" :) Your Welcome!

How is unlv college athletic corpoate?

user-generated content: report abuseHow is unlv college athletic corpoate?