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There is no specific number of hours required for an athletic trainer to be board certified with the National Athletic Trainers Association. However, there are degree and examination requirements. Between 25 and 50 continuing education units are required every year to maintain certification.

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Q: How many hours must a trainer complete to be certified by NATABOC?
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Can you get certified for cpr online?

You need to complete CPR classes in person to be certified. There is a minimum number of hours that must be met for CPR training to be certified in Canada and the U.S.

Is there a personal training diploma?

Yes. To become a certified personal trainer, you need either an Associate's Degree in a health-related field OR 500 hours in a state Board of Education-Approved Training Course.

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How does one earn a CDA certification?

In order for one to get a CDA certification one must complete 120 hours of training. One must also take a written and oral exam after they complete their required hours. In order for one to be assessed to be certified they must have logged a total of 420 hours working in the desired field.

I attended American Medical in Gardena, completed course for medical lab tech, graduated, but we werent certified. what would I have to do get certified phlebotomy, how long does it take?

The actually offer this class once a year (usally in June) at California State. The time to complete the course will vary. This is because you have to attend class Mon. thru Fri. for 45 hours. Then you will need to do 100 Hours clinical hours. They want you to complete this within 6 months so how quick you finish will really be up to you.

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How long does it take to finish a certified nursing assistant class?

To become a nursing assistant, you have to put in 75 credit hours which takes 4-12 weeks to complete. You also must have 16 hours of supervised clinical training.

How long does it take to complete the firefighter training course to become a certified firefighter?

According to HowStuffWorks, it takes about 600 hours of training over 12-14 weeks to become a firefighter.

How many CNA courses are necessary to become certified through certified nurse assistant schools?

CNA's must complete 75 hours of training and over 10 additional hours of supervised training in a hospital setting. Generally CNA training isn't completed as separate courses. You enter one training program and it usually takes a little over two months to complete it. Some organizations will pay for your training if you agree to work with them when the course is completed.

What do you have to do to fly a jet?

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What kind of training should I get to become a fitness instructor?

If you have a bachelor's degree in a fitness-related field, then that is a good thing, but it is not necessary to become a good trainer. You can go to fitness instructor school to become certified for instruction. It takes most people a few months to become a trainer. You only have to study 7-10 hours a week, so you do NOT have to go back to school full time.