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Q: How many home runs have been hit out of Wrigley Field?
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How many championships have been won at Wrigley Field?

Zero World Series Championships have been won at Wrigley Field. The Cubs won 2 World Titles, 1907 and 1908. Both titles came before Wrigley Field was built.

How many games has Wrigley Field sold out?

According to, the capacity of Wrigley Field is 41,160.

How many times has the scoreboard at Wrigley Field been hit with a batted ball?

Never been hit by a batted baseball.

How many home runs were hit at Wrigley Field Los Angeles in 1961?

248 a major league record

How many rows are in section 215 Wrigley Field?


How many home games have the Chicago Bears ever played at Wrigley Field?

The Chicago Bears played their first 50 seasons (1920-1970) at Wrigley Field. Number of games is tough considering games per-season spanned from 12 to 14. 1970 was the last season they played there.

What are names of sports arenas?

There are many, but Yankee Stadium, Soldier Field, and Wrigley Field are among the most famous.

How many people attend Cubs games at Wrigley Field in Chicago?

29,000 to 31,000

Where have the most Super Bowls been held?

New Orleans has hosted the Super Bowl 9 times

If a batted baseball sticks in the vines at Wrigley Field how many bases does the batter get?

It would be ruled a double...I assume.

Did Sha Na Na play at Wrigley Field?

Did Sha Na Na play at Wrigley Field? Yes. Sha Na Na played Wrigley Field, along with Chuck Berry after a Cubs game. You paid for the Cubs game and the double-bill concert afterwards was free. During the concert many fans got overly-excited, went over the walls, and started dancing on the field. It was roughly sometime around 1984 (+/- a few years.)

The name Wrigley Field comes from one of the owners of the team What type of business did that owner have that still exists today?

William Wrigley Jr., who bought the club in 1925, was a chewing gum manufacturer whose company, William Wrigley Jr. Company, has brands today that are sold in the US called Juicy Fruit, Wrigley's Spearmint, Extra, Doublemint, among many others. Juicy Fruit and Wrigley's Spearmint are the oldest, have made their debut in 1893.