How many girls play boy sports?

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Quite a lot, but there's no such thing of boy sports, people just call them boy sports because more boys play it than girls. all sports are made for girls and boys.

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Q: How many girls play boy sports?
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Why are girls not allowed to be in boy sports?

because girls would get hurt more (apparently!) I'm a girl and i love sports but im not allowed to play in any boys sports! im lucky aswell though because my school has a girls team! I'm a girl and i love playing sports! im very competitive and athletic but i have to admit guys are just overall stronger than girls. I don't wanna get hurt either even though im probably better at sports than half the guys at my school!

Are girls and boys equal in sports?

Girls develop faster, which is why they usually have the upper hand in sports. That's why in games lessons between boys and girls of the same age you often see the girl player teasing the boy but never the other way round - girls can take the time to tease because the game's easier for them. It also helps that girls are allowed to play sports in skirts and boys normally can't, because skirts keep you cooler when you're running around. For sports to be equal between boys and girls, you should play the boys against a younger age-group of girls. You should also try to get all the players to wear skirts, though it can be hard to convince boys to do this.

Gender equality in sport?

yes there is i know because i am a girl and i play soccer. it is where a girl plays sports that a boy is ment to play like football

How many children does Phil Mickelson have and how many boys and or girls?

3..... 2 girls and a boy Amanda-1999 Sophia- 2001 Evan-2003

How many kids does Matt Hasselbeck have?

Matt hasselbeck has 3 kids, two girls, annabelle and mallory, and a boy named Henry

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How many girls play boy sports with boys?


What percent of girls that want to play boy sports?

Well I like boy sports and these girly girls don't so about 60%

Can girls play boy sports?

yes if u set your mind to it

How many girls love boy sports?

About 1 out of 5 girls like girl sports

Why can't boys join girls sports but girls can join boy sports?

This comes from a civil rights act called Title 9. For many many years there was no sports for girls nor money for girls sports and all the money went to boys/men ( much of it still does). Girls couldn't play in boys sports and the boys all ready had sports they could play. When Title 9 was passed it stated that girls had to be allowed to play on male only teams and that money had to be equal between the two types of sports programs. Many colleges have gotten into trouble because there is still unequal treatment between men's and women's teams/sports.

How many girls play on boys sports teams?

It's either 1) a girl sport team, 2) a boy sport team or 3) mixed sports teams

What percent of girls dont want to play boy sports?

A 100%. they prefer to laugh at boys instead

Should girls play?

a common question, girls should play any sport a boy can play with the appropriate padding in different areas of their bodies. sports by definition mean "to be athletic" not only boys can be athletic but girls an to.

Why do girls get competitive when they play on boys sports teams?

Because they want to prove that they can do anything a boy can do twice as well.

Why boys can play girls sports but girls cant play boys sports?

After a certain age, boys generally are stronger(and heavier) than girls. In sports this is usually an advantage, so a boy doing a "girl" sport has a decent chance of doing well while a girl doing a "boy" sport will have a definite disadvantage. Might even run a higher risk of getting injured.

What should a boy do when he loses to girls at sports?

admit that girls can do anything guys can do(:

Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports team?

I think they should be able to if they know the risks and know they will be treated equal to a boy and know that some guy could take advantage of being stronger than you and try to touch u inapropratly

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