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Q: How many foul lines are there on a baseball field?
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How many lines of symmetry does the infield of a baseball field have?

It has one line.

IN Baseball when positioning players defensively on the field how many players are allowwed to be in Foul territory?

In baseball the only defensive player allowed to be in foul territory is the catcher. Otherwise it's a fielders balk.

In baseball how many fouls can you do before you are called out?

In baseball there is a 4 foul streak before you are out and if you catch a foul, you are out.

How many times can you foul in baseball?

as many times as you want

How many foul balls can a batter have in baseball?

An infinite number

How many fowl balls in a row happened in baseball?


How many lines are on a football field?


How many fouls until a foul out in major league baseball?

There is no limit; however, if a foul ball is caught by the other team, then the batter is out.

How many baseball players on the field?

a baseball field has exactly 15 players!

How many referees in baseball?

there are no referees on a baseball field. in MLB regular season games, there are 4 umpires (one for each base). in playoff games, there are 6 (one for each base and one on each foul line in the outfield).

Why does the pitcher never steps on the foul chalk line when exiting the field?

It's a superstition many players (including me) have. Stepping on the foul line gives you bad luck.

What is a good sentence with the word foul?

Foul can be an adjective, a noun, or a verb. As an adjective, it can mean offensive to smell; evil, impure, or wicked; filthy or covered with something noxious; very undesirable or loathsome; stormy; outside the foul lines in baseball; or unfair or not according to the rules of a sport or game. As a noun, it can mean either a ball hit outside the foul lines in baseball or an action that is not according to the rules of a sport or game. As a verb, it can mean to make foul, to become entangled, or to hit a ball outside the foul lines in baseball. Here are some sample sentences.As adjective:"The foul smell of rotting Easter eggs caused the cats to investigate.""Child abuse is a foul act.""When the new owners removed the boards from the door of the small hut on the property, they were dismayed to see a foul room encrusted with years of dirt.""The foul weather kept most people indoors.""The first batter hit several foul balls before hitting one into the infield.""Hitting below the belt is a foul move in boxing."As noun:"The football player was removed from the game for too many fouls.""The catcher caught the foul and made the final out of the inning."As verb:"The baby fouled his crib.""She no longer goes fishing because she tends to foul the fishing line on rocks or tree limbs.""The next batter often fouls the ball."

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