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Q: How many different types of waves are there?
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Is radio waves made up of many different types of electromagnetic radiation?

No. Only of radio waves.

What are the different types of earthquakes waves?

The three types of earthquake waves are primary waves, surface waves, and secondary waves.

What is the different between radio wave and electromagnet wave?

No difference at all. Radio waves are one of many types of electromagnetic waves.

How many types of seismic waves are produced at the same time in an earthquake?

3 main, not sure if there's other devices. (seismoscope, seismometer, ???)

Are different types of electromagnetic radiation fundamentally different types of waves?

No, this is a false statement.

How does the electromagnetic spectrum organize the different types of energy waves?

The electromagnetic spectrum organizes different types of electromagnetic waves according to their wavelength or frequency.

What patterns do seismograph data reveal?

The different types of waves- s waves p waves or surface waves

What do waves move through?

Different types of waves move in different patterns. Ocean waves move in a circular pattern while sound waves move in a sinusoidal pattern.

What does waves show us?

Waves have the ability to show us many different types of things. Waves can show us pitch, length, depth, heat, and color for example.

What are the different types of seismic waves?

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Types of unguided media?

There are different types of unguided media. Some of them include radio waves, infrared waves and micro waves. This is commonly referred to wireless media.

What types of waves are used for communication?

electromagnetic waves they are basically used by all types only some have different names and are a type of it Like wireless is : Hertzian waves (electromagnetic waves) well the elctormagnetic waves can smd!