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14 greyhound busses although he landed on the deck of the 14th one

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Q: How many buses did Evel Knievel jump?
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How many children does Evel Knievel have?

Evel Knievel has 4 children

How many kids does Evel Knievel have?

Evel Knievel has 4 children

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When and how did Evel Knievel die?

He had been suffering from diabetes and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis for many years.

Did don berlusconi and evel knievel own a business together?

through our research we have learned that don berlusconi wealthy italian businessman and son of mega rich former italian prime minister, sivio berlusconi and daredevel evel knievel did in fact own a business together. besides being a motorcycle daredevil knievel , knievel was a excellent artist painting many valuable paintings in his life when he was not doing motorycle jumps. berlusconi and knievel teamed up to promote and sell knievel painting all over the world. knievel was the promoter mouth peace to push the painting and berlusconi was the business man to get the job done and be profitable. they made lots of money together with this business. berlusconi first met knievel at a hockey rink. berlusconi was a great college hockey star and knievel could play hockey very well. we have learned that one day they met on a rink playing hockey together back in the mid 70's and became friends and stayed friends until knievel died in 2007.they became very close. this was a time when knievel was doing lots of jumps and berlusconi was in college learning to be an attorney. knievel invited berlusconi to many of knievel jumps, including his famous snake river canyon jump. berlusconi attended these events as knievel special guest and was always next to knievel wife and kids during the jumps he 1986 at the time berlusconi was operating his very successful criminal law practice in calif. knievel and he teamed up to do the artist paintings business. evel had quit jumping at that time and spent lots of time with berlusconi on this business. knievel son began, at that time, jumping like his dad and berlusconi put up the first monies to promote, the son, robbie knievel to get into the motorcycle dare devil business. evel stayed very close friends of berlusconi unitl evel died november 30,2007. we understand the loss of berlusconi friend evel knievel had a very sad and lasting effect on berlusoni. he remains friends of evel family even today,we understand. at evel funeral in butt montana where evel grew up, burlusconi was at the funeral and gave a speech that we were told was very moving to the people who attended the funeral. also at the cemetary where evel was buried, we understand that some news media guy showed up there and approached berlusconi to talk to him and berlusconi became very upset and threatened the news man who quickly left when berlusconi threw him out . we also learned that in the 8o's knievel got into a problem with the i.r.s. on unpaid taxes and berlusconi bailed him out by paying the taxes.

How many bones did Evel Knievel break during his lifetime?

Its actually 433. The question asks how many bones has he broken in his lifetime...

How did Evel Knievel get the name Evel?

Roger Craig Knievel was reportedly given the nickname "Evel" while in jail for reckless driving by one of the guards. His cell mate was known as "awful Knofel" (last name Knofel ryming with awful). It didn't take long before guards began calling them "awful Knofel" and "Evil Knievel". Roger Knievel took to the nickname but didn't want people to think he was "evil" so he changed the spelling to "Evel" (ending in -el like his surname).His name was Robert Craig Knievel and his nickname was given to him by the people in his town because of many of the things he had done as a teenager. The above statement was taken from the 1971 movie starring George Hamilton.

How many times has evel knievel gone to jail?

Tupac went to jail 186 times and was sodomised many times

How many bones did evil knievel brake?


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