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By far, most athletes receive no sponsorship

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Q: How many athletes have received no sponsorship?
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What is sponsership?

sponsorship is when athletes look for people to sponsor them and clubs also need sponsorship

Can you help me write a thesis statement for how sponsorship contibute to the education of athletes?

Sponsorships very much contribute to the education of athletes. This is because many teams would not be able to continue without sponsorship. Athletes are held to a higher standard in academics to remain on their teams.

Who can athletes see for support?

Please clarify if you mean sponsorship or mentoring/coaching support

Why is sponsorship important in sports?

For a a sporting even to run efficiently and effectively a sponsorship is needed to help fund for the run. A sponsorship helps donate money to buy new equipment for athletes, fund first aid, drinks, decorations, advertisement and other things needed like that (:

What has the author Lisa Humphreys written?

Lisa Humphreys has written: 'The availability of sponsorship for female athletes at national level, and the effects of gender and visibility through media coverage'

Types of sponsorship?

One type of sponsorship is sports sponsorship. This is where a company sponsors a team or player. Another type of sponsorship is non-profit sponsorship. This is where a person or company donate funds to a charity.

How many athletes are competing from France?

How many athletes are in the olympic from france???

How many athletes will be competing in the 2012?

10,490 athletes

How many athletes do Jamaica have?

There are 114 Jamaican athletes

How many athletes are women?

Lots of athletes are woman.

How many athletes are there per professional athletes?


WHAT type of Sponsorship occurs before an outbound individual clears the installation?

outbound sponsorship