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Here's a list that I know of:

Cliff Aberson

Red Badgro

Norman Bass

Jim Bedford

Dutch Bergman

Charles Berry

Joe Berry

Larry Bettencourt

Hugo Bezdek

Lyle Bigbee

George Brickley

Tom Brown

Garyland Buckeye

Bruce Caldwell

Ralph Capron

Jim Castiglia

Chuck Corgan

Paul Desjardien

D.J. Dozier

Chuck Dressen

Paddy Driscoll

Oscar Eckhardt

Steve Filipowicz

Bob Fitzke

Paul Florence

Walter French

Wally Gilbert

Norm Glockson

Frank Grube

Bruno Haas

Hinkey Haines

George Halas

Carroll Hardy

Drew Henson

Bo Jackson

Vic Janowicz

Rex Johnston

Brian Jordan

Matt Kinzer

Bert Kuczynski

Pete Laydon

Jim Levey

Dean Look

Wally Macphee

Howard Maple

Walt Masters

John Mohardt

Greasy Neale

Ernie Nevers

Ossie Orwoll

Ace Parker

Jack Perrin

Al Pierotti

Pid Purdy

Dick Reichle

Deion Sanders

Johnny Scalzi

John Singleton

Red Smith

Hank Soar

Evar Swanson

Jim Thorpe

Andy Tomasic

Frank Umont

Luke Urban

Joe Vance

Ernie Vick

Tom Whelan ( First to ever do it)

Mike Wilson

Hoge Workman

Ab Wright

Tom Yewcic

Russ Young

Joe Zapustas

Here's another source:

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I'm sure there are probably more, but two players that come to mind are

Bo Jackson - played for the Chicago White Sox and the (L.A.) Raiders at the same time.

Dion Sanders - Played for the Altanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves at the same time.

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Jim Thorpe. He played in MLB between 1913-1919 and in the NFL between 1920-1928.

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Michael Jordan played Basketball and Baseball professionally.

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Bo Jackson (football, baseball), Deon Sanders (baseball, football), Jim Brown (football, Lacrosse)

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Click on the link below to see a list of athletes that played multiple sports.

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Q: How many athletes have played two professional sports?
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