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Minimum Volume of water in an olympic swimming pool = 2,500,000 liters

Source = Wikipedia (no reference as to temperature). Depends on size of pool.

Average daily consumption of water by a 150 lb human exercising 20 minutes a day = 2.36 liters a day.

Source = CSGN Network calculator.

(My grandmother drinks less, the fat woman down the street drinks more.)

2,500,000 liters / 2.36 liters = 1060 liters a day.

This does not include evaporation nor kids peeing in the pool.


I disagree entierly with your mathematics, it depends upon which planet the pool is located creating a variable surrounding the gravitational potential energy of the water.

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I think you are trying to ask how old you would have to be to have drunk enough liquid on average to fill an olympic sized pool. That would partly depend on your average rate of liquid intake pert day, which varies widely from person to person.

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Q: How long would it take you to drink all the water in an Olympic Pool?
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