How long did gale play football?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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7 years

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Q: How long did gale play football?
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What sport did Gale Sayer's play in?


Who inspired Walter Payton to play football?

Gale Sayers

Did either of Gale Sayers brothers play professional football?

yes they did.

Where did Gale Sayers play professional football in kansas?

He didn't play for Kansas. Sayers played for the Chicago Bears.

What was Gale Sayer football number?


Did eddie long play football?

Not in the NFL

WHO does chris long play football for?

The Rams.

How long will a nfl football player be able to play football?

As long as they can still play and don't get hurt a lot they can stay as long as they want. Look at Brett Favre, he stayed around a long time.

How long did troy play football for?

1989 to 2000

What did Biff long to do in death of a salesman?

play football

When did Gale Sayers start playing football?

Gale Sayers played in his first NFL game on September 19, 1965.

The best football running back?

Gale Sayers or Walter Payton.