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Q: How is the host city chosen 4 the Olympics?
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What city has asked to host the Olympics 4 times?

Chicago. They were chosen to host the 1904 Olympics, however they were moved to Saint Louis to coincide with the 1904 World's Fair. The following three attempts (1954, 1956 and 2016) yielded no success.

What city has been selected to host the Olympics 4 times?


Where in the world does the Olympics be held?

2008-Beijing 2010-Vancouver 2012-London The city chosen for the Olympics changes every 4 years.

Did the US ever host the olympics?

Yes, eight times - 4 summer and 4 winter Olympics.

What happens at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics?

The Olympic flame is extinguished. The flags of Greece, the host country and the next host country (4 years from then) are raised. Usually there is a small section devoted to the next Olympic host and the mayor of that city is on hand.

How many years before does a country know it been selected to host the Olympics?

4 years

Who bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Nine cities submitted bids with the International Olympic Committee to host the 2012 Summer Olympics: 1) Paris, France 2) Istanbul, Turkey 3) Madrid, Spain 4) Havana, Cuba 5) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 6) New York City, USA 7) Leipzig, Germany 8) London, UK 9) Moscow, Russia The IOC reviewed the bids and narrowed the 9 cities down to 5 ... Paris, Madrid, New York City, London, and Moscow. At the annual IOC meeting in 2005, London was chosen as host of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Can a city have their own Olympics?

No, the Olympics are decided upon each 4 years, you can't have your own real olympics, maybe a fake one, but not real, sorry:/

How many times has the US host the winter Olympics games?

The USA has hosted 8 Olympic games, 4 Summer Olympics (1904 St Louis, 1932 Los Angeles , 1984 Los Angeles, 1996 Atlanta) and 4 Winter Olympics (1932 Lake Placid, 1960 Squaw Valley, 1980 Lake Placid, 2002 Salt Lake City)

How many years before an Olympic games is a city notified that it will host them?

4 years

Which country has been host to the most winter Olympics?

The United States has held the Winter Olympics 4 times, more than any other country. In second is France, which has hosted 3 times.

How many countries are Not participating in the 2008 Olympics?

Their are 4 countries that are not participating in the Olympics in Beijing. They are: Brunei, Vatican City, Kosovo and Western Sahara Michael Ai

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