How is athletics good for you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It helps you to lose weight, build mussel, and have a healthy heart.

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Q: How is athletics good for you?
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What is a good name for a athletics company?

a good one for a company is master of athletics occiasion

Does the people to people soccer program provide good athletics or is it just a travel program?

It provides good athletics.

Do athletics affect your grades?

It depends on how good you combine your time that you use to study and do athletics

What sports was Reinhard Heydrich in?

He was good at athletics, swimming and fencing.

What good do they do for athletics and us watching at home?

nothing ok a big nothing

Major league baseball team named after good grades?

A's (Athletics)

Why are athletics good?

Because when you work out you get those muscles and your abs that the hot chicks like.... :))))))))))))))))))))

What is a good student council slogan for a commissioner of athletics?

vote for me because i am the man for the game!!

You ran 14.50 in 100 meter and you are ten years old is that good?

yes that is very good and you should join an athletics club !

What sports are Dominica good at in the Commonwealth Games?

Dominica is good at the Athletics events but sadly they are yet to win a Commonwealth Games medal.

How do you become an athlete?

Join an athletics team and train reguarly, become good and take part in competitions.

Why athletics need good lungs?

so they can intake more air and pump more blood numb nuts....