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Q: How is Dexter affected by the news that Judy has married another man and subsequently lost her beauty What does Dexter mean when he says there was something in me but now it's gone?
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What if you have a husband in the Philippines and subsequently got married in another country?

If you are already legally married and "got married" in another country you are committing bigamy, which is a crime. It can get you deported and even jailed. Also, your second "marriage" is invalid.

What do people have when they get married?

When people get married they have a wedding. And then they have a spouse. Subsequently they might also have children.

Can the affected party force the bank to include her name on the acct if she did not authorize transfer from one bank to another when the original acct was in both names?

The problem is with the first bank which made the transfer without your signature. However, if you are married and you live in a community state, it probably won't be something you can do something about.

What happened to peggy ann barsness after her release?

Peggy got married, which ended in divorce. She got pregnant which resulted in the birth of another daughter. the state of minnesota subsequently took that child from her and it was placed up for adoption.

Can a parent keep a child from the other parent in the state of Georgia prior to a divorce?

No. Married parents have equal parental rights until they are affected by a court order.No. Married parents have equal parental rights until they are affected by a court order.No. Married parents have equal parental rights until they are affected by a court order.No. Married parents have equal parental rights until they are affected by a court order.

Is the Band rush gay?

No. All three are heterosexual, and all three are married to women. Geddy and Alex have been married once; Neil has been married twice: his first wife died of cancer, and he subsequently remarried.

Did Anna off of ABBA have a husband?

Yes - she has been married three times - the last was in 1992, when she married Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss of Plauen - He subsequently died in of lymphoma in 1999.

What is John Russell Houston's wife's name?

After he married and subsequently divorced Emily (Cissy) Houston (Whitney's mom), he got married again, to a woman named Peggy, with whom he had a daughter Alana.

Are you legally married if your husband has another wife in another state?

No. If the other person is legally married to another person in another state, then your marriage is not valid in the USA. You can have be legally married to one person at a time.

Is Jason Gould married?

He was married to Dana Lavas from 1989-1997 They have three sons.

What should you do if you are married and in love with another man. He is married but separated from his wife.?

For me it is not the right thing to be in love with another man when you are into a relationship. You should realized that you are a married woman and you vow for a marriage tie between you and your husband. Concentrate yourself and do anything and everything for your family. Think of your children if in case you have children. Definitely they don't like a broken family, they will be affected emotionally. Be strong when it comes to the aspect of the heart and hope you decide with help of your mind.

Was Aphrodite married to another god?

She was married to Heaphestus at first. Then she married Ares.