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he is a 4.09 40 yard dash

some one is wrong ..that is impossible. their is no way that he ran it that fast. i would say he ran it in about 4.6 if that low. wes is fast but it is his acceleration and good routes that catches every-ones eye.

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Despite being undrafted, Welker has had a successful career. Only one player in NFL history, Gale Sayers, had more all-purpose yards in his first three NFL seasons than Welker did with the Dolphins; Welker holds the Dolphins' all-time records for total kickoff returns, kickoff return yardage, and total punt returns. Welker also holds the record for most receptions by any undrafted player in NFL history, passing Rod Smith in 2014.[1]

As a Patriot, Welker led the league in receptions in 2007, 2009, and 2011. Welker holds the four highest single-season reception totals in Patriots' history, as well as four of the top 10 receiving yardage totals, including the franchise record. He also holds the franchise records for most receptions in a single game, most receiving yards in a single game, longest reception, and career receptions.[2]Welker, who had three consecutive 110-reception seasons (and has five total), is the first receiver in NFL history with at least three 110-reception seasons, and the first with five 100-reception seasons. Welker was selected to the Pro Bowl, the All-Pro Team, or both, in every season of his Patriots career.

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His best time is 4.91 seconds

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Q: How fast can Wes Welker run the 40 yard dash?
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What is wes welker's 40 yard dash time?

Wes Welker ran a 4.60

What is Wes Welker's 40 yard time?

Wes Welker ran a 4.60

Wes welker 40 time?

Wes Welker's 40-yard dash time is 4.65 seconds. Welker made his NFL debut with the San Diego Chargers in 2004 after playing for Texas Tech University.

Does wes welker have a girlfriend?

Yes, Wes Welker does have a girlfriend.

What is wes welker's race?

Wes Welker's race is Caucasian.

What is wes welker?

Wes Welker is a receiver for the New England Patriots.

What number is wes welker?

Wes Welker is Number 83

When was Wes Welker born?

Wes Welker was born on May 1, 1981.

What is Wes Welker's birthday?

Wes Welker was born on May 1, 1981.

What college did Wes Welker go to?

Wes Welker attended Texas Tech.

Is Wes Welker a tight-end?

No Wes Welker is a Wide Reciever for the Denver Broncos.

What is Wes Welker's number on the Denver Broncos?

Wes Welker is number 83 on the Denver Broncos.