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Average person walks at three miles (4.8 kilometers) per hour.

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Q: How far can a person hike in a day?
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How far is Kansas from New Mexico?

Only a hard day's hike from where it borders Oklahoma.

What it was a good or well day for a hike?

it was a good or well day for a hike

If a person can hike 19 miles in 2 days then how many days will it take them to hike 63 miles?

It would take a person about seven days to hike 63 miles if he/ she were traveling an average 9.5 miles per day.

How far can you hike with a dog?

It depends which dog you get. Some can run longer than you can hike, some can't hike so long.

How much miles will you hike on the Pacific Crest Trail if you go for 9 months?

The answer will depend on how fit you are and far you trek each day.

What causes left ankle to swell?

Twisting of the ankle and tendonitis. A hike uphill of a person with bad circulation could swell both ankles evenlly. The good thing that if that same person goes on the same uphill hike in a 7 day period this time the ankles will not swell up. this means the first hike was felt by the condition but at the second hike the circulation got better.

Can you hike the Grand Canyon in a day?


Is hike a person place or thing?

The noun 'hike' is a word for a thing; a word for a long walk; a word for an abrupt rise or increase.The word 'hike' is also a verb: hike, hikes, hiking, hiked.

In two days Mike hiked 65km. He hiked 34.3 km the 1st day. How far did he hike the second day?

On the second day he did 30.7 km, as shown below: 65 - 34.3 = 30.7

You went on a hike noun and verb?

In the example sentence (You went on a hike.), the word 'hike' is used as a noun (the verb is 'went').The verb to hike is a word for the action, for example: You can hike to the top to see the view.

A group of friends planning to spend 7 days hiking a 135mile portion expected to hike about the same number of mile each day estimate the number of miles the friends plan to hike each day?

They should expect to hike about 135/7, or about 19.3, miles each day.

How do you calculate hike percentage?

Hike percentage = 100*(After Hike - Before Hike)/Before Hike

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