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An office worker takes an average of 1,600 steps per day at an average of 2.5 feet per step for a total average distance of about 3/4-mile per day.

If you're on your feet for work then you'd walk further per day... to around 3.5 miles daily.

A person can have a sustained daily range of up to 20 miles. In the military there are force marches and with the right training and equipment a person can exceed 20 miles a day easy.

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The average person can walk about 3 miles/hour on flat, easy ground. Therefore if you can keep that pace up for 12 hours, you could potentially walk 36 miles and if you keep that pace up for 24 hours you can walk 72 miles a day
A person in good physical shape can walk approximately 30 miles in a single day.

The average human can walk around 30 miles to 50 miles in one whole day.

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It depends on how rugged the mountain is. Some mountains such as Mount Whitney in California take just one day do hike to the top and back (if you get up early), and Whitney is 14,000 feet. Mont Blanc in the Alps is also 14,000 feet, but colder and harsher conditions make a trek to the top take several days.

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Average person walks at three miles (4.8 kilometers) per hour.

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Depends on the person and the motivation

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Q: How far can a person hike in a day?
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