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4 years

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Q: How far apart are the summer Olympics is every?
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How far are winter Olympics apart?

the Winter Olympics are 4 years apart, the next winter Olympics will be in Russia in 2014

How far are the Olympics apart?

4 Years...

How many medals have Australian competitors won in the Olympics games?

497 in the summer Olympics so far.

How many times Olympics conducted so far?

30 summer, 21 winter.

How many medals has Bulgaria won so far in the London summer Olympics 2012?


How many gold medals has Ireland won so far in the Olympics?

Ireland has won nine gold metals in the Olympics, all for Summer games.

How many silver medals have china won so far in the Olympics?

As of the 2008 Games, China has won 96 silver medals in the Summer Olympics and 16 silver medals in the Winter Olympics.

Has Guatemala ever participated in the olympic games?

Yes. Guatemala has competed in 14 Olympics, 13 Summer Games and 1 Winter Games. They have competed in every Summer Games since 1968. So far, no athlete representing Guatemala has won an Olympic medal.

Has the US only one gold at the Olympics?

The US has won far more than 1 Olympic Gold Medal We have won 896 gold medals in the Summer Olympics and 78 in the winter Olympics.

How many total medals has the India won in 2008 summer Olympics?

so far 6 or maybe 10.

What country does best at the Olympics summer or winter?

The United States. They have the most medals by far, most of them being gold.

On average does the US win more medals at the Winter or the Summer Olympics?

US gets more medals in the winter than the summer. they got 25 in the summer and they 32 medals so far in the winter.