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he uses the brakes...

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Q: How does the brakeman stop a 4 man bobsled?
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Why is it harder to stop a 4 person bobsled?

The more weight the harder to stop.

What Olympics featured the 4 man bobsled for the first time?

The 4-man bobsled has been around since the very first Winter Olympics in 1924, with the following two exceptions: In 1928 it was the 5-man bobsled. In 1960 the event was not held because the organizers didn't want to build a bobsled track.

Who was on the 1998 Olympic Puerto Rico bobsled team?

Liston Bochette, Jorge Bonnet, Jose Ferrer and Jose Valdez. 4 man Bobsled John Amabile and Joseph Keosseian . 2 man Bobsled

Why is 2 man bobsled faster than 4 man bobsled?

2-man isn't faster. The top 2-man speed recored is 152km/h (94mph) and the fastest 4-man to date is 153.7km/h (95.5mph) Less weight to drag.

Which is faster 2 man or 4 man bobsled?

4 man goes faster because of the increase in weight but its only a logarithmic increase of speed.

How much do bobsleds weigh?

A standard four-man bobsled typically weighs around 380-450 pounds (170-204 kg) depending on the materials used in its construction.

What sport did John and Victor Emery compete in 1964 Winter Olympic in Austria?

4-man bobsled

What were the events in the 2010 winter Olympics?

XC skiing, Sledding, Ski jumping, 4-man bobsled

Which Caribbean island nation first competed in the winter Olympics event at Canada in 1988?

Jamaica in the 4-man bobsled.

How long is a bobsled?

There are many types of bobsleds 2-man Bobsleds maximum length:2.7 meters 4-man Bobsleds maximum length:3.8 meters

How many people are on a bobsled team?


There are 2 or 4 of what on a bobsled team?

People (players)