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You cannot see where you are going and may run into a lamppost or injure yourself.

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Q: How does blindness affect you from doing physical activity.?
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Physical activity is the things you are doing, like jogging, exercises or even just normal activity. Fitness is how well your body is able to do these things, how capable you are of doing them. So the physical activity of walking could be difficult to do if your physical fitness is not good.

Why is doing physical activity healthy for you?

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What is one benefit to lifelong physical activity?

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Does blindness affect peoples drawing skills?

I can say from experience that blindness CAN have an effect on your drawing ability IF you let it. I belive you can do anything you want to do. But sometimes you are just incapable of doing so.

Is it bad when your doing a physical activity and you cant see or hear?


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A physical activity that you like spending time doing and can do now and for that rest of your life is called a?