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You get a hat trick so he can do his praise celebration

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Q: How do you praise your players on FIFA 11?
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Who are the players on the FIFA 11 box?

KAKA and Rooney

Can you Change your players boots in FIFA 11 for psp?

Yes you can.

What jtag can duplicate FIFA 11 players?

no jtags can coz u cant duplicate players ith jtag

How can i get good players in FIFA 11 ultimate team?

send an email to with your email password and security question anwser and I will give you the players that you request. This works for FIFA 12 to

How do you loan players on fifa 11 ps3?

I think you can only loan in players that are put on the loan market. Otherwise you have to buy them!;)

Who are the best FIFA Manager 11 young players?

cristen erikson and mario gotze

Do FIFA 11 ultimate team players retire?

no, they can run out of contract but you can buy more

How can you get good players in FIFA 11 ultimate team ps3?

send your ea sports email address, password and security question answer to and say which players you want and I will send you the players that you request. This works for FIFA 12 aswell

How do you get coins on fifa 11 untimeate team?

1. play games 2. sell players

How does FIFA 11 target audience?

The cover has the three most popular players on it so that people recognize those players and buy the game.

How many soccer players are in the FIFA?

The FIFA has hundreds of countries that are eligible to have soccer teams that play in this international organization. For instance, the FIFA has several European and South American countries.

Can you create players in the actual fifa 11 game?

No but you can create your own team in zakumi's dream team