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Apparatus for use in playing a hand swat ball game, the apparatus including four upstanding end court supports forming the four corners of a rectangular playing court where the length is twice the width. A pair of upstanding mid court supports divides the playing court into two equal and square playing areas. A backboard is affixed to the tops of the six supports and is generally coextensive therewith. A ricochet bar extends between each pair of end and mid court supports. An end ricochet bar extends between each pair of end court supports. A center ricochet bar extends between the pair of mid court supports. All ricochet bars are equispaced downwardly from the backboard. With at least one player in each playing area, a player in a first play area serves the ball by striking it by hand to drive the ball through a fair play zone into the second play area. The fair play zone is defined by the area surrounded by the center ricochet bar, the backboard and contiguous portions of the mid court supports. The second player in the second play area returns the ball through the fair play zone into the first play area.

And the inventor of this game is White, William P

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Q: How do you play swat the ball game?
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