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If you swim and you need goggles you choose whether you want kids, women, or men goggles and they normally will have a strap that will loosen or tighten and will have interchangable nose pieces.

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Q: How do you know what size goggles you wear?
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Why do girl lacrosse players have to wear goggles?

they have to wear goggles because they dont want to wear helmets so they wear goggles. they need some sort of protection and the girls arent into wearing helmets hence the goggles.

It is safe to perform a lab experiment without goggles when?

NO! If you dont wear goggles that experiment may go horibly wrong NOMATTER WHAT ALWAYS WEAR goggles

What are two situations in which you should wear safety goggles?

you should wear safety goggles when you are swimming and when you are riding a bike.

What is the proper attire when conducting an experiment with your eyes?

Wear goggles. If you wear eyeglasses,put a pair of bigger goggles over it.

How do you wear goggles in the lab?

Make sure the goggles cover the eyes well.

What type of goggles does ray ray wear?

because that is what the put on him that is why he where goggles thank you

How can you wear goggles with long hair?

You have put your hair up, then put the goggles on.

What eye protection do you wear in the snow?

Snow mobile goggles or just goggles

Why do scientist wear safety goggles?

Scientists, and others, wear safety goggles when they are working with corrosive, irritating, or toxic chemicals. If the chemicals got in their eyes eye damage could result. The goggles are to prevent that. Some scientists do not work with chemcials that do that, and those people do not wear safety goggles.

What is carol forgot to wear her safety goggles?

It is a poster to remind high school students to wear goggles while in a chemistry lab

What do you do once you've got the goggles?

Normally you wear the goggles.

What does wear goggles sign mean?

The sign means that safety goggles must be worn.