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By keep throwing the tacos, eventually he will pick it and eat it

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Q: How do you get tastes great office jerk?
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How do you do the fan in the face scream in office jerk?

You have to hit the Jerk's face with the fan.

How do you get hands on head taunt on office jerk?

To get the hands on head taunt in Office Jerk you have to miss with everything you start off with plus the fan, and the scoreboard.

How do you get one slick 'do in office jerk?

you get the gum

What do they mean a tiny monster on office jerk?

It means you have to throw the egg at the office jerk until he catches the egg, and then squeezes it until a tiny monster pops out if the egg.

How do you find how many coins you have on office jerk?

hey just got office jerk today and you look in the bottem left corner at the piggy bank alright that is how it is on the ipod

How do you hit his shoulder in office jerk?

click on the sholdur

How do you complete feeling catty on Office Jerk?


What is monitor to the face in office jerk?

It's when you throw the computr screen with the zombie face on it right on the the face of the jerk.

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How do you smash the poster in office jerk?

throw the golfball at the poster

Who do you get coffee break in office jerk?

You get the checklist item "Coffee break" by throwing the doll that looks like Joe from kick the boss 2 on the back head of the office jerk. Eventually, Joe will bounce off the Jerk's head next to his coffee cup. The jerk will give you a look, and then push Joe off the table with his coffee cup.

How do you do mind scramble on office jerk?

Throw the brain at him untill he catches it. :)